We're hitting the road in the morning for our test shoot -- four days of exploring New England and more importantly, exploring how to make this film. We've got some of our equipment, and a good approximation of the rest of the equipment, so we'll be learning about those logistics, as well as managing release forms, and learning about when to turn the camera on and what to expect. Of course, not knowing what to expect is a pretty huge, exciting, and inevitable part of the project, but we've got a lot to learn in the next four days, and then a couple weeks to continue preparing before we hit the road for good on June 15th.

When we're traveling this summer we hope to update this blog as much as possible -- once a day even. So part of the test shoot will be updating too! Visit again tomorrow and each day this week for an update! And if there's not an update, well... we're probably sleeping in the car.