I am currently sitting on the soft blue couch of Jim and Ellie Mangan. Greg is watching a show about elephants on TV. Ellie is working on her computer just next to me.

Today began slowly - we drove to Bear Mountain, spent some time in the greenest place I think I have ever been. I felt like I was walking on fluffy green blankets. It was misty and rainy and looked beautiful on camera. We've been using my DVX as we wait for our new camera to come in the mail, but it was shockingly scenic.

We stopped in Beacon, NY at BJ's Soul Food for the restroom and ended up staying for peach pie and Who Wants to Be a Millionare with the local residents who come by for lunch and trivia every Tuesday. It was pretty decent pie - especially since it was about 6oz of home made crust and filling for only $3.25. It looks like my search for the best pie in America is beginning early. yum!

From there we drove to the Auburn, MA mall just outside of Worcester, MA where people were not all that helpful or hopeful. After a discouraging stint in the mall, and a veggie sandwich - we decided to go to downtown Worcester to find more generous and curious people.

After only a couple attempts, we stumbled upon Jim and Ellie laughing and talking with another woman who left just as we approached them. We knew they were different because when we said hello, Jim enthusiastically said hi back, shook our hands and asked us how we were.

And now I am sitting on their blue fuzzy couch listening to Ellie type, sing, and occasionally tell stories, Greg's pen moving on his little white notebook and the narrator on tv talking about dying elephants. What a complete day. And a lovely night.