Welcome to Nate!

American Bear has finally found it's Director of Photography; Welcome to Nate Hurtsellers!  We are super excited, he will hopefully soon be posting on the blog as well.


This week we are in Colorado for Spring Break but we've been working hard on the film. We have put together a new list of grant opportunities and been talking with Sarah's Mom about fundraising strategies. Today we shot a short film to advocate for our project. It will be edited and uploaded soon! We have revised our prospectus (Greg did it and it looks beautiful!); We are trying to come up with a new subtitle that feels more adventurous and exciting! Because that's what this film is going to be... ideas welcome.

Speaking of ideas --> If you have any ideas, comments, or questions that you don't feel like posting on the blog, please email us at beardocumentary@gmail.com. You could also just write us a letter; we like those.

As you have been reading about our film, if you are interested in donating - please click the link to the left - it goes directly to our page at Fractured Atlas - all donations are tax deductible.

Happy Spring!
Sarah and Greg