E-mail out to Breathe Owl Breathe. Letter on the way to Great Grandma. Letter of Inquiry for the Playboy Foundation and application for the Jerome Foundation in the next round of business.

Sarah and I had some solid creative discussion about our approaches to shooting and safety -- out of context, that sounds particularly smart, but our shooting isn't as unsafe as the sentence suggests. Rather, we talked about what kind of structure we want to have during production as it relates to the structure that will come together in editing. We're both very excited for a fairly free-form documentary that doesn't consistently follow our journey chronologically or geographically but instead is guided by the questions we ask people and the themes we're exploring.

While discussing safety, I recommended that we have something noisy on top of our equipment in the room that we're sleeping in, so that if someone sneaks into our room at night to steal our equipment, they would have to move this very noisy object and so we would foil their heist. However, there aren't a lot of items that make enough noise inadvertently to wake people up. Yet another problem to solve.