Kindness Captured brings teams of community members together for a day-long scavenger hunt of good deeds. Kindness Kits packed with missions, city-specific locations, and all necessary materials are passed from team to team throughout the day.

Over 150 people have participated in Syracuse, NY, and KC events have been held in New York City, Denver, Richmond, Dallas, and Seattle. This event began as a collaboration with Guerrilla Goodness. American Bear has been committed to developing connections with similar organizations, including Here A Year and HooplaHa, to develop and promote ideas centered around kindness.

Random Snacks of Kindness delivered over 600 homemade cupcakes on the streets of Denver, CO and Scranton, PA for hungry strangers to satisfy their sweet tooth. 

Developed with Tammy Abramowitz and the Picnic Foundation. 

Cards for Strangers has been a hit in classrooms and community spaces, where arts and crafts and heartfelt messages come together to make someone’s day.

Mission: Kindness featured a series of interactive stations, with over 100 people attending to embrace their love of adventure, kindness, sharing, and community.